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Welcome to the Quantum era project.

Quantumera is a visual art project created in January 2021, where the world of analog textures melts with digital VFX in order to create collision between dreams and reality.


The analog product such as film photography or VHS tapes that rocked my childhood was my main inspiration. As a kid, that idea of capturing memories forever with a device and been able to play, create things out of it (like video feedback or dolly zoom) astonished me. 


Most of my videos contain human forms. I like the idea of distorting our perception of reality by melting them with my setups machines and giving an ephemeral feel and fade away into the void of time.


I have collaborated with bands and played live concerts, I am willing to extend my horizons of creativity.

Please, have a look at my videos and gallery.

Don't hesitate to reach me in the contact page for collaborations, I'll be more than happy to work on new ambitious projects ! 

You can find me on social media : 

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
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Music videos & demo videos

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Short clips

Around the Corner

Glitched still visuals

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